Front Parking Sensors – Set of 4

Make maneuvering into tight parking spaces easier and much less stressful. An audible warning tone alerts the driver to objects in front of the vehicle, increasing in frequency as the vehicle draws closer to the detected object.  Comes already painted to match your vehicle.


Models compatible with this accessory

  • CX-9 AWD 2.5L Petrol GSX
  • CX-9 AWD 2.5L Petrol Limited

Part number:

TC11ACFPA25D Snow Flake Pearl
TC11ACFPA41V Soul Red
TC11ACFPA41W Jet Black
TC11ACFPA42M Deep Crystal Blue
TC11ACFPA42S Titanium Flash
TC11ACFPA45P Sonic Silver
TC11ACFPA46G Machine Grey Metallic