Mazda FAQ


Answers to the questions we’re commonly asked.

"What is my Mazda's recommended fuel type?"

The following Mazdas require 95 or above octane fuel:

NZ New Import   Year Eng
323 SP20 Familia Sport 20 BJ 2000 2.0
  Axela   All 2.3 imports only


  Premacy   All 2.3 imports only


Mazda3 MPS Axela MPS BK 2006 2.3T
Mazda3 MPS Axela MPS BL 2009 2.3T
Mazda3 MPS Axela MPS BL 2011 2.3T
Mazda6 Atenza GG/GY 2002 2.3
Mazda6 Atenza GG/GY 2005 2.3
Mazda6 MPS Atenza MPS GG 2005 2.3T
Mazda6 Atenza GH Prior 01/09 VIN 126205 2.5
RX-8 RX-8 FE 2003 1.3
RX-8 FL RX-8 FL FE 2008 1.3
MX-5 Roadster NC 2005 2.0
MX-5 Roadster ND 2015 2.0
  MPV   All 2.3 Turbo 2.3T
CX-7 CX-7 ER 2006 2.3T
CX-7 CX-7 ER 2009 2.3T
  Eunos   All V6 V6


"What tips do you have on reducing fuel consumption?"

  • Slow down
    As well as increasing accident risks, driving over the speed limit on the open road increases fuel costs by up to 10 percent. If you’re driving fast enough to be fined for speeding then the fuel cost will be significantly more.
  • Keep your load down
    Carrying unnecessary weight in the vehicle increases fuel consumption, by around 2 percent for every 50 kg. So take those golf clubs out of the boot after the game, and remove the roof rack when you’re not using it. The same goes for the bike rack.
  • Think before you drive
    Consider walking, cycling, or taking public transport before getting into your car. If you need to use the car, plan your journey. Picking up groceries and other items on the way home saves taking the car out later.
  • Avoid short trips
    You use 20 percent more fuel driving when your engine is cold.
  • Drive smoothly
    Make sure you accelerate smoothly. Change gear early (but don’t labour the engine). If you drive an automatic, choose ‘economy’ gear switching as this will keep the engine speed down.
  • Look ahead
    Check what’s happening, maintain a safe following distance and you’ll keep at a more constant speed. This uses less fuel than accelerating and braking all the time.
  • Reduce idling time
    If you’re going to be stationary for more than 30 seconds, switch your engine off.
  • Love your car
    A little love goes a long way. Keeping your tyres at the right pressure saves fuel, as does checking your alignment, engine timing, air filter and spark plugs regularly.
  • Watch your air con
    Only use air conditioning when absolutely necessary as it tends to eat fuel, up to 10 percent more in fact. Other features, such as the rear window demist, can also be a drain, so make sure you switch them off when they’ve done their job.


"What Fuel economy will I expect from my Mazda?"

You can find Fuel Economy information on our website for our current range of vehicles. Just simply select the vehicle you are interested in, click on “View Specs” and you will find the Fuel Economy information under “Fuel”.

"I would like an Owner's Manual for my Japanese import."

There are no English Owner's Manuals for Japanese Used Imports. These vehicles are built and sold for the Japanese domestic market and were only ever available with Japanese Manuals.

In some cases there are New Zealand equivalent models which will have similar (but not identical) specifications and you can purchase the Owner's Manual for the NZ equivalent model through your local Mazda dealer (Atenza = Mazda6, Axela = Mazda3, Demio = Mazda2, Roadster = MX-5).

"If I purchase a Japanese import is it covered by warranty?"

We support Japanese vehicles for Safety Recalls only. The vehicles are not covered by the NZ New vehicle warranty.

"I have an earlier Mazda model. How can I find out which accessories are available?"

Mazda Dealers stock an array of Genuine Mazda Accessories and can assist you with a range of enquiries such as pricing and availability – even for earlier models.

Please contact your local Mazda Dealer to find out more. You can either call your nearest dealer from or email their parts department directly.

"I've lost my key - who should I contact?"

Please contact your local Mazda Dealer to find out more. You can either call your nearest dealer from or email their parts department directly.

"What are the benefits of servicing with a Mazda Dealer?"

Having your car serviced by an authorized Mazda Dealer ensures that only the most qualified and knowledgeable technicians will be asked to take care of your investment.

What’s more, you can always be sure that Mazda Genuine Parts are used in your service that have been designed to our original, exacting standards and will be covered by a full warranty for the life of your vehicle.

"How often should I service my Mazda?"

To keep your Mazda in peak condition, you should get it serviced by an authorized Mazda Dealer.  Vehicles before 1st January 2015, should be service 10,000kms or 6 months (whichever occurs first), and vehicles after 1st January 2015 should be 10,000kms or 12 months (whichever occurs first).

BT-50 utes are all 6 months or 10,000kms (whichever occurs first).

"Who should I contact about servicing my Mazda?"

You can either call your nearest dealer from or email their service department directly.

"I'm an independent repairer, how do I access workshop manuals, repair methods and wiring diagrams?"

Mazda supports access for Independent Workshops and Smash Repairers via - our online portal for Mazda Workshop Manuals and Bodyshop Manuals.

This portal provides specifications and guidance to aid vehicle maintenance, body and electrical and/or mechanical repairs.  Please note that a cost in AUS$ will apply.

"I cannot turn off the "Town Entry Point" Announcement."

MZD Connect Navigation provides a “Town Entry Point” announcement that is repeated up to 4 times when entering certain Towns or Cities.

The purpose of this announcement is to advise drivers that the speed limit will be reducing to a lower speed limit at predetermined points, before the new speed limit is enforced.

Setting Process

Should this announcement be a source of frustration it can be turned off within the Navigation Settings Menu, under “Warning Settings” – Alert Points. Please select and turn “Alert Points” to OFF

This setting does not affect other warnings such as “Speeding” or “Speed Camera” warnings. These will continue to operate if you have the “Visual and Audible” setting” turned ON. However, please note that the Language Setting must be set to “English AU” within the main “Settings” menu as below, to set a new or change an existing destination using voice recognition.

"What is a vehicle recall? Why do vehicles get recalled?"

A recall is issued when the manufacturer determines that a vehicle creates an unreasonable safety risk, or fails to meet minimum safety standards. If there's a safety recall, your manufacturer is required to notify you and fix the problem for free.

If you've been notified of a recall, the first step is to closely read the notification and follow the manufacturer's guidance. Every recall is serious, and the details of all recalls and their remedies vary.

"How do I get a copy of my NZ New (not imports) Owner's Manual?"

Visit your local dealer and talk to the parts department. They are able to order later model vehicles for you via Japan.

NB: Very early models may not be available.

"Can I contact Mazda New Zealand to purchase a part for my vehicle?"

Mazda New Zealand does not supply Mazda parts directly to the public. To identify and/or buy parts for your Mazda, please contact your local Mazda Dealer parts department. You can either call your nearest dealer from or email their parts department directly.

"I've lost my key - who should I contact?"

Please contact your local Mazda Dealer parts department. You can either call your nearest dealer from or email their parts department directly. Please note that replacement and programming fees will apply.

"Why do I need to keep my personal details up to date?"

If for any reason, we need to contact you about your vehicle, it’s important that we have your most current details to hand. If your circumstances have changed, please let us know by sending us an email. Click on the following link.

BT-50 commercialcare disclaimer

** is also available to new BT-50 owners where every scheduled service completed by Mazda specialist technicians for a 3 year/100,000km term (whichever wherever occurs first) will cost no more than $200 (incl. GST) per service for models built after 1 November 2012. *** 3,350kg applies to earlier models.

* whichever occurs first